February 27, 2013

3 days in Barcelona in the Mobile World Congress 2013

There have been very tired days in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where more than 50 thousand of visitors have been discovering the latest news about mobile.

In eMobc we were part of Wireless Research initiative of Qualcomm where as a startup we participated in the entrepreneur program to develop an application using the latest Qualcomm technologies, Vuforia for augmented reality and Alljoyn for peer to peer communication and we hope we can integrate part of this technologies in emobc develop branch.

Geocongress is an application developed using Android 4.0 with fragments where you can make:

- Map recognition: Recognizes Mobile world congress target and you can see where are located the brands in a map, like Qualcomm and Telefonica. Visitors and exhibitors can write comments so you can know the latest news in a wall so you can move in the fair.

- Stand recognition: Also you can go to the stands and detect a logo and know all the news around that brand and write comments around the stand.

- Chat: We have created a room using Alljoyn so users can join the channel and communicate directly with the other users.

We started the project in the beginning of January and in just one month we integrated Vuforia and Alljoyn. It was very interesting to work with augmented reality because you need to work in both environments (Java in Android for general programming and OpenGL / C++ in another thread with the augmented reality logic). Vuforia uses the NDK to integrate in Android the QCAR library for augmented reality. The hardest part is talking with Java and OpenGL in C++ in different threads and work with the QCAR lifecycle because using fragments we have everything in memory and you have to release correctly every fragment (with activities is easier this part ;-))

About the news in the fair, it was very awesome new Qualcomm 800 chipsets (great performance!), Atheros 802.11AC implementation (incredible fast!), Gimbal (geofencing), Ubuntu Mobile, Firefox OS (the big think in the congress with the big promotion of mozilla guys), ...

Very recommended so we see the next year in the Mobile World Congress. We hope to see a little more about apps and software (for us the missing part).

If you need to know more about Wireless Reach and how we have used eMobc with Qualcomm technologies, we will very happy to assist you. Welcome emobbers!

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