March 6, 2013

Tips for programming in a more effective

Maybe you're a novice programmer who is starting to develop in any programming language and you are starting or strengthening comprising all the new concepts you're going to find. Learning a programming language is something that requires a relatively high number of hours, so the higher the quality of the time we devote the better the results.

So then we give a few tips that will help you in this task.


The study allows us to perfect ourselves, the more we study more opportunities we will have better programming, today thanks to the internet there are plenty of tutorials and manuals.

Search scripts already developed

There are many scripts already developed, study them and see how they work, it is useless to copy and paste.

Participate in forums and communities

It is interesting to interact with others who are in our same page, often help us and we can help again. Roughly speaking these communities are very helpful, and mutual aid is so abundant, a few lines of code can be useful for many people, hence it can be improved among all.

Discuss whatever is necessary

Discuss the important things can be very useful and save time when we have to tweak the code months later.

Talk to other programmers

It is important to contact other programmers, as you will learn, get ideas and even answer your questions. It is always better to solve a problem with the most support.

Please have your computer

 Another important point is the team reviews it works properly and that you have all the tools necessary to program.

Use open source tools

Today there are many open source tools like eMobc Framework that will help you program more efficiently saving time and effort and without spending money.

Organize your own script library

When programming is important to be organized and scripts when they consult or modify will take less time, sometimes due to disorder is easier to rewrite that look.

On the other hand, always try to follow these steps in everything programes: These simple steps will help you better plan.

Analysis: Analyzes and have a clear goal you want to reach. Solve your doubts, ask questions consultations etc, is very important to know the objectives to be achieved.

Design: Once defined objectives have to find a logic to solve. Prepare all necessary inform yourself test you think libraries need, inform or libraries of functions you will need, so that when you do not lose the programming time in learning.

Coding: Once obtained and documented logic comes to coding, coding will be easier if you followed the previous two stages.

Testing: Perform tests of each module separately, do not expect to finish the project. This stage is the most important and complete a project is useless without achieving the desired results.

About eMobc: eMobc (@emobcapp) is an open source framework to build native mobile application. Available for Android and iOS platforms HTML5. eMobc makes work easier for developers, allowing them to save time and effort. Developers can also integrate your code with the framework.

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