March 7, 2013

Mobile App Framework, eMobc Release 0.1, Introduces Multiplatform Support

A mobile app framework for developers, eMobc release 0.1 is now available, as of November 2012, for developers to have their designs or code integrated with the framework.

February 10, 2013 – The eMobc release 0.1 open source platform is now available and developers and designers of mobile apps can contact the company if they want their designs or code to be integrated in it. In addition, the company will work on the integration if customers whish to contribute to an open source project.

An innovative mobile app framework, eMobc release 0.1 supports the creation of multiplatform native apps easily and effectively. Apps are compatible with Android, iOS, and HTML5, while the open source software supports the creation of landing pages using XML with the proprietary embML specification.

Included in the software is support for 19 types of screens, with text, forms, maps, calendars, and more, for building applications. Various themes and styles are also supported so the appearance of each page can be customized. Navigation on pages created with eMobc can be configured with top, bottom, and sidebar menus. The software also allows for page rotation, text to speech, and social network sharing.

In addition, various formats support smartphones and tablets. Any components developed with the platform can be done so in the desired language. Numerous possibilities are provided for screens, including splash screens, a cover for the application with buttons, photo galleries, PDF viewing, lists, videos, and geolocation maps. Also, search, form, image with text, zoom, quiz, and cavas functions can be added.

The platform can be downloaded at where users can register on the job board. In fact, eMobc release 0.1 is the first platform that enables users to subscribe to a job board, while it also lets developers contribute their code to the open source format. It also makes it easy to produce native applications using HTML5 and based on XML-defined screens.

In addition, the framework is available in the USA and is compatible with web or external services, as it is capable of online and offline operation. To download the new eMobc platform, subscribe to the job board, and take advantage of the framework’s new features and capabilities, visit

Customers can contact the company if they intend to work on a new poject by filling in the form at

About eMobc

Located in Madrid, Spain, eMobc is a startup that works with developers all over the world on the eMobc platform. The eMobc platform is an open source framework for creating apps, mobile wepages, and landing pages with XML, compatible with platforms such as Android, iOS, and HTML5. In addition, the eMobc Cloud Service will soon be available to end users and developers.

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