March 15, 2013

How to promote your app

 In different markets (App Store, Google Play, etc.) There are more than 1.5 million different apps for all tastes and all kinds of features, particularly in the App Store is more than one million apps and Google Play has reached the figure of 650,000 apps

With this great competition we have to make our stand app, which is visible to the millions of users looking apps daily and you do not always know all softwares available.

The first step is to develop and essential quality app with content relevant to the user and usable, which in addition to obtaining a discharge, a user get active. To create your app can use the framework eMobc

When creating a mobile application we recommend the following.

  • Solve a problem .
  • Do not limit yourself to a single operating system: Develop your app for all major mobile platforms such as  Google Android and Apple iOS, and also for web.  So improve your options and do your app more practical.
  • Use technology enabler:  such as Cloud Computing. This can not only reduce your development costs (you can use the cloud to test prototypes), but any test or beta will be much easier to perform.
  • Think mobility. Remember that your app can take advantage of the main features of mobile devices, such as camera, GPS, etc..
Before getting this app to market very well have to determine different aspects of it, such as the name, description, tags or search keywords and catches me videos that will attract users to download our app, without forget to provide a contact to receive feedback from users.

Once published application note does not appear in the top positions for download, this is due to the number of download of our app, ie the more downloads we climb higher in the ranking.

How do we get users to download the application?

There are many free tools to promote our app:

Social networks:  We recommend choosing between the various social networks as the user profile defined for the app and open the corresponding profiles.

Youtube Video:  Demonstrate how your creation of a practical and visually appealing with a short video on Youtube. This content has the advantage of being a viral incentive, lovers of the latest technologies disseminate it among their contacts via social networks or  blogs.

Press Releases: There are several blogs that may be of interest to our feed, among other things, of such notes.

Blogs: Today there are a large number of blogs with a large volume of visits, should be published the app, ensuring a large number of direct downloads. We have a list of blogs analyzing mobile applications available, so if anyone wants to contact us.

Blogs by theme: Why not send our app to blogs that reference to the subject treated in our app?

Promotional codes: Send promotional codes from the app (if the app is payable)

If you have older applications:  take it to promote your new application.

QR Codes: Use QR codes (both online and offline) that will link directly to the application download.

Create a web: In order to establish your brand and your latest project, created a website and mobile application where the exclusive content to further expand the Youtube video. Share this information and direct access to the online store web connecting all social networks.

Besides promotion in specialized media such as blogs or social networks, we can promote our app from the smartphone and this is where we get the bulk. How? By Viralization campaign, ie advertising in other apps that already have users and may be potential users of our app.

There are two main methods of performing these campaigns: promoting discovery in apps, such as Free App, App of the Day or the like, to get in one or two days to promote a large number of downloads, or campaign CPD / I (cost by download or installation). The advantage of the latter is that the owner of the app choose how much you want to invest and thus obtains the contracted number of downloads, plus natural discharges that occur by positioning the app in the store.

We recommend hanging the app in the markets on Thursday night. It is the moment considered most suitable response to users seeking the latest apps.

Our app is already positioned and we are gradually getting more and more downloads and thus new users, then we just keep this app, making regular updates to meet the demands of users and trying to provide more and better content to our app to make it so in a case study, and conducting advertising campaigns and strategic moments to keep the volume of downloads.

About eMobc: eMobc (@emobcapp) is an open source framework to build native mobile application. Available for Android and iOS platforms HTML5. eMobc makes work easier for developers, allowing them to save time and effort. Developers can also integrate your code with the framework.


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